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Minersville unveils its new track

(Pictured above: Close to finishing construction, October 2nd, 2020)

For the first time since it was built, the high school track has undergone a major renovation. Students can expect the completion of an up-to-date, all-weather track within a few weeks. The track is only second in a recent trend of major renovations at the high school, the first being the Gym which received an update during the spring. Talks about the track being remodeled date back to around two years. The school board initially approved to install it in November 2019, but construction was delayed until July.

According to Dr. McBreen, school superintendent, he’s wanted to remodel the track since he became the high school principal. The track was originally installed as a cinder track in the mid-90’s; the only time it ever received an update was when the cinder went bad and had to be replaced. Now, students and members of the community can enjoy access to the modern track.

“It’s not just for athletes,” says Dr. McBreen. “All students and community members can use it to exercise.” The update is anticipated to have a positive impact on students of all kind.

As for the time being, there are no additional renovations planned for the near future. Still, the board and superintendent are constantly monitoring potential new projects. “We continue to make decisions on the facilities.” Dr. McBreen commented on Monday. “I’d like to do upgrades to all our outdoor facilities, and our auditorium as well.”

The finished track, October 15th, 2020

Writer: Lucas Hydock


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