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Miners’ Monthly Art! (November Edition)

Welcome to the first-edition of the Miners’ Monthly Art column! Each month, a new piece of artwork from one of our very own students will be recognized on the Miner’s Pub. This month’s spotlight is on Sarah Hummel (Senior), and her artwork, “In Pieces.”

“In Pieces.”

“In Pieces” is part of a series of artwork Hummel has been working on, as part of her college portfolio. She hopes to get into Auburn University or Appalachian State University.

When asked about the meaning of “In Pieces,” Hummel described it as an allegory for her personal troubles with a tragedy in her life.

“Well, it’s a drawing of a necklace my grandmother gave me. I chose to do an art piece on her because her death made a huge impact in my life. The scraps of paper and the ripped image represents how I feel about the entire situation.”

We’d like to thank Sarah for her bold and thoughtful contribution to representing the best of the arts, at the Minersville Area School District.

Are you interested in sharing one of your pieces of artwork on the Miner’s Pub? Just email one of the following, and your art might just show up in next month’s edition!

All types of artwork qualify, paintings, drawings, sculptures, comics, origamis, you name it! We look forward to the creativity that you all have to offer.

Writer: Lucas Hydock


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