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Flashback Fridays: November 2011

(Early screenshot of Minecraft, circa 2011)

November 18th, 2011 marked the official launch of Minecraft on iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac. The 3D sandbox remains as one of the most iconic videogames of the 21st century. The game boasts a multitude of activities including mining, farming, combat, fishing, and building. Minecraft is easily accessible to a broader audience than most videogames, thanks to its open-world gameplay. As of October 2020, Minecraft boasts over 131 million active players.

The Twilight Saga- Breaking Dawn: Part 1 is number-one movie in theatres. It would go on to be third-highest grossing film of 2011, and to date has made 400 million USD.

Regis Philbin mostly known as the co-host of the New York City-based nationally syndicated talk show Live! after 28 years, stating, “I was leaving because I was getting older and it wasn’t right for me anymore.” He passed away of a heart attack this year in July on the 24th.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword releases for the Wii, gaining a 7.5 out of 10 review from GameStop. It is the first game in the Zelda timeline where the battle between the forces of good and evil begins, and establishes key characters such as Zelda, a reincarnation of a goddess and Link, the main protagonist of the series.

The 39th American Music Awards was also held 9 years ago. The ceremony awarded Taylor Swift as Artist of the Year; the winners of the best male and female artists were Bruno Mars and Adele. One could hear We Found Love by Rhianna (Ft. Calvin Harris) on airwaves at the time, as it was the number-one song that week. The Number-One Album was Blue Slide Park, the debut studio album of Pennsylvanian rapper Mac Miller. It was the first independently distributed album to top the charts in over fifteen years. Additionally, the second studio album by Nickelodeon boy band, Big Time Rush was about to release into stores. Elevate would be their second of three studio albums, selling over two-hundred thousand copies in the United States.

Writers: Micah Borrelli & Lucas Hydock


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