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Miners’ Monthly Art! (December Edition)

As we approach the end of our year, the climate chills, the daylight dims, and the weather whitens. To celebrate this time of year, Eve Ryan (Junior) has presented her own interpretation of wintery wonder. This month’s edition of the Miners’ Monthly Art column is a piece entitled “Winter Sweater.”

“Winter Sweater.”

“Winter Sweater” is one of many pieces of artwork that Ryan enjoys painting, in her free time.

According to Ryan, the overall message of this painting goes as follows: “Sometimes you just need to lay in the snow, in your favorite sweater, watching the sky go by.” A very tranquil perspective of the blustery coldness of the year’s snowy months.

We’d like to thank Eve for her lovely contribution to representing the best of the arts, at the Minersville Area School District.

If you’re interested in sharing your own piece of artwork on the Miners’ Pub, email your entry towards one of the following, it might just end up on next month’s column!

All sorts of artwork are valid. Paintings, sketches, sculptures, pottery, multi-media, photography, you name it! Be sure to return for next month’s edition of the Miners’ Monthly Art.

Writer: Lucas Hydock


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