Flashback Fridays: January 1993

Site of the $7.4 Million heist

On January 5th, 1993, the fifth-largest robbery in United States history occurred at a Brinks armored car depot in Rochester, NY. The robbers stole nearly seven million in cash, which FBI Agent Van Harp describing as “weigh[ing] about one thousand pounds.” The criminals burst into the facility at around 6:30 in the evening, holding the ten workers at gun-point. One employee, then-53-year-old Thomas O’Connor was kidnapped by the robbers. Thereafter, he was quickly returned in the Rochester suburb, Greece NY. The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reported at the time that the employees were forced to wear bags over their heads, and to lie on the floor. It would later be reported, that year, that the suspects behind the robbery had ties to the Provisional Irish Republican Army. The kidnapped employee was among the arrested, accused of setting up the event as an “inside job.” O’Connor would later be acquitted.

Twenty-eight years ago, the Executive Branch of the United States government was undergoing a lame-duck period. The lame-duck period is generally classified as a brief era between election day and inauguration day, in which the incumbent leader spends their final days in office, before their successor takes over. President Bush spent his final weeks in office signing the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty II, a step closer to demilitarizing the Russian and U.S. governments after the Cold War. For decades, Bush would be the last one-term holder of office, until 2021 when President Trump officially lost reelection.

“I Will Always Love You “ was originally written by Dolly Parton in 1973, and was then covered by Whitney. This song scored ten consecutive weeks at the number one spot on the charts, and in the UK this song still holds it’s popularity when in 2014 it was revealed that this was streamed  100 million times.

David Letterman leaves NBC and joins CBD after signing a deal that gave him 40 million dollars and an 11:30 time lot on the top of a 16 million in salary. He stated “We divide and concur, and as I divide from my old station I will concur a new one.” 

In the world of sports, legendary basketball player, Michael Jordan continued to set records. with his up-and-coming stardom. Jordan had been playing with the Chicago Bulls for nine seasons up to that point, and was arguably one of the most iconic players in the NBA. He substantially helped with the Bulls’ numerous victories over opposing teams, such as the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Portland Trail Blazers. Jordan had already won three MVPs in 1988, 1991, and 1992. By this point, Jordan had played over six hundred different games. On January 8th, 1993, Jordan successfully finished his game between Chicago and Milwaukee with a 35-point lead, giving the great basketball player exactly 20,000 points under his career.

The first stamp of Elvis Presley was released on his, would be, 58th birthday. Thousands of people cast votes for the musical legend to have a stamp and with an overwhelming majority they won. The postal service at first printed 300 million stamps and then began to prepare another 200 million upon release, and upon release collectors and fans alike had bought out the first batch in just over a single day.

Writers: Micah Borrelli & Lucas Hydock

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