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Miners Monthly Art! (January Edition)

Welcome back to yet another edition of the Miners Monthly Art column. As we reign in the New Year, we bask in the glory of Rachel Maurer’s (Junior) fascinating drawing! This month’s work is titled “Lighting the way.”

“Lighting the way”

According to Maurer, this piece was made up of charcoal and graphite pencils. Contrasting with the sketch’s mostly black and white ambience, is the enflamed antlers of the stag. Maurer says that “the fire…was a last minute decision, but I really like how it came out. It almost gives the picture it’s own story.” Indeed it is a very stunning piece, capturing one’s attention with its contrasting textures and colors.

Maurer doesn’t necessarily want to make a career out of her artistry, but drawing is a hobby that she frequently does, and she wants to improve on her craft.

We’d like to thank Rachel for her bold remarkable contribution to representing the best of the arts, at the Minersville Area School District.

If you’re interested in sharing your own piece of artwork on the Miners’ Pub, email your entry towards one of the following, it might just end up on next month’s column!

All sorts of artwork are valid. Paintings, sketches, sculptures, pottery, multi-media, photography, you name it! Be sure to return for next month’s edition of the Miners’ Monthly Art.

Writer: Lucas Hydock


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