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Miners’ Monthly Art! (February Edition)

In lieu of the 25th anniversary of the first Pokémon games, the Miners Pub is celebrating with this artistic tribute. Pokémon super-fan, Gavin Stone (Senior) contributed this excellent painting to our ever-expanding collage.


This painting’s succinct yet relevant title pays homage to a recent milestone celebrated by the Pokémon fandom – the twenty-fifth anniversaries of Pokémon Red & Blue. According to Stone, he completed the piece with acrylic paints he borrowed at a friend’s house.

“[I] borrowed some supplies to complete this piece in about four hours.” he clarified. Pikachu is the iconic mascot of this video-game series, often being referred to as the “Japanese Mickey Mouse.” Stone himself is an avid Pikachu fan, citing it as his personal favorite Pokémon. This piece in particular features a wider, more oval-based design than that of the modern version of Pikachu. According to Stone, this version of the character is “my favorite interpretation of Pikachu.” “25” is heavily inspired by the original concept art for Pikachu, which was far wider and less circular than the current design used.

Stone says he doesn’t plan on making a career out of his artistic skills; that drawing and painting are just a hobby, something he likes to do.

We’d like to thank Stone for his delightful contribution to representing the best of the arts, at the Minersville Area School District. If you’re interested in sharing your own piece of artwork on the Miners’ Pub, email your entry towards one of the following, it might just end up on next month’s column!

All sorts of artwork are valid. Paintings, sketches, sculptures, pottery, multi-media, photography, you name it! Be sure to return for next month’s edition of the Miners’ Monthly Art.

Writer: Lucas Hydock


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