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Miners Monthly Art! (March Edition)

Welcome back to yet another edition of the Miners Monthly Art! This month’s entry comes from Ellayna Boyer (Sophomore), and her whimsical sketch, “Fleeting Dreams.”

“Fleeting Dreams”

The character in this artwork is not just a typical princess, but rather a princess elf. According to Boyer, the butterflies in this drawing represents this character’s hopes and dreams of “escaping her royal heritage to be one with nature.”

The centerpiece of “Fleeting Dreams,” is the waterfall; a literal barrier between the elf and these butterflies, it is symbolic of her inability to attain absolute freedom. Boyer asserts that this girl was inspired by a character she had created for a game of Dungeons & Dragons.

“I am very passionate about art,” said the sophomore. “I hope to have it be a part of my career.”

We’d like to thank Boyer for her fantastical contribution to representing the best of the arts at the Minersville Area School District. If you’re interested in sharing your own piece of artwork on the Miners’ Pub, email your entry towards one of the following, it might just end up on next month’s column!

All sorts of artwork are valid. Paintings, sketches, sculptures, pottery, multi-media, photography, you name it! Be sure to return for next month’s edition of the Miners’ Monthly Art.

Writer: Lucas Hydock


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