Miners Monthly Art! (March Edition)

Welcome back to yet another edition of the Miners Monthly Art! This month's entry comes from Ellayna Boyer (Sophomore), and her whimsical sketch, "Fleeting Dreams." "Fleeting Dreams" The character in this artwork is not just a typical princess, but rather a princess elf. According to Boyer, the butterflies in this drawing represents this character's hopes... Continue Reading →

Spring Prom is blossoming!

Juniors and Seniors of the Minersville Area Jr/Sr. High School can now pick up tickets for this year's Spring Prom. Tickets cost $50.00 each, and can be found in either Mrs. Motley's or Mrs. Howells' rooms. Where this year's festivities diverge from the past is the location of the event. Traditionally, the Minersville spring formal... Continue Reading →

Flashback Fridays: 1992

Fifteen-year-old American swimmer, and Harrisburg, PA native, Anita Nall breaks the 200m breaststroke world record twice in the SAME day at the US Swimming championships in Indianapolis; Once in the preliminary "heats" to the finals, and then again, when she won the finals in 2:25.35. Nall would go on to win gold at the 1992... Continue Reading →

Flashback Fridays: March 1979

Forty-two years ago, the number one song on the radio was the Bee Gees' hit, "Tragedy." "Tragedy" was one of many hits from the musical trio, whose harmonious vocals ruled the airwaves throughout the height of the disco era. They are best remembered for their soundtrack for the John Travolta film, 1977's Saturday Night Fever.... Continue Reading →

Flashback Friday: March 2020

March 2020: The month the world froze. On this day one year ago, the Minersville Area School District held its last in-person day of school for the 2019-2020 schoolyear. Students were informed about a two-week suspension of classes, which inevitably expanded into four-weeks, then into six-weeks, etc. For the first time in Minersville history, spring... Continue Reading →

Fine arts…finally!

Students socially-distance themselves during auditions for Minersville's forty-seventh annual spring musical (Captured: March 8th, 2021) With the third quarter well underway, Minersville is welcoming the revival of its arts division! Choir practice returned on February 16th, as did band on the 25th. The Drama Club also conducted its first in-person script reading for this year... Continue Reading →

Flashback Fridays: March 1984

On this day, thirty-six years ago, the number-one song on the radio was "Jump" by Van Halen. Van Halen formed in Pasadena, California, just ten years earlier. Sons of Dutch and Indonesian immigrants, brothers Alex and Eddie Van Halen were prominently raised in this area, and began playing music while they were still children. Throughout... Continue Reading →

Miners’ Monthly Art! (February Edition)

In lieu of the 25th anniversary of the first Pokémon games, the Miners Pub is celebrating with this artistic tribute. Pokémon super-fan, Gavin Stone (Senior) contributed this excellent painting to our ever-expanding collage. "25" This painting's succinct yet relevant title pays homage to a recent milestone celebrated by the Pokémon fandom - the twenty-fifth anniversaries... Continue Reading →

Flashback Fridays: February 1996

Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Blue Version are 1996 role-playing video games developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy. The game was a hit and had an 89% approval rate from critics and even hit the “Top 100 games of all time”. The game consists of you and your team... Continue Reading →

Flashback Fridays: February 1986

On February 20th, 1986, the Soviet Union officially launched their own space station, Mir. While there had previously been low-orbiting stations in the atmosphere, Mir revolutionized the modular design that continues to influence present-day spacecrafts. This station was significantly larger than any previous man-made satellite, allowing for easier usage of the premises for various experiments.... Continue Reading →

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