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Spring Prom is blossoming!

Juniors and Seniors of the Minersville Area Jr/Sr. High School can now pick up tickets for this year's Spring Prom. Tickets cost $50.00 each, and can be found in either Mrs. Motley's or Mrs. Howells' rooms. Where this year's festivities diverge from the past is the location of the event. Traditionally, the Minersville spring formal... Continue Reading →

Fine arts…finally!

Students socially-distance themselves during auditions for Minersville's forty-seventh annual spring musical (Captured: March 8th, 2021) With the third quarter well underway, Minersville is welcoming the revival of its arts division! Choir practice returned on February 16th, as did band on the 25th. The Drama Club also conducted its first in-person script reading for this year... Continue Reading →

Minersville unveils its new track

(Pictured above: Close to finishing construction, October 2nd, 2020) For the first time since it was built, the high school track has undergone a major renovation. Students can expect the completion of an up-to-date, all-weather track within a few weeks. The track is only second in a recent trend of major renovations at the high... Continue Reading →

An 8/8 Farewell

For the past 33 years, Mrs. Rutecky has taught an endless amount of students. From the 19 years here at Minersville to the time she has spent teaching in other facilities, she has dedicated her life to educating and inspiring her students to be the best they can be. Here at Minersville, she was known... Continue Reading →

Bella Kuehn Takes the Crown For Homecoming

Throughout endless days of juggling school, sports, and fundraising, our three homecoming contestants finally got a breather. On Friday, September 27, during halftime at our home football game, senior, Bella Kuehn, was crowned Minersville's 2019-2020 Homecoming Queen. The first-runner up was Isabella Lentini, while Elizabeth Harding came in third. Last year's Homecoming Queen, Julia Matz... Continue Reading →

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