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Tickets for Spring Prom on Sale!!!

Juniors and Seniors of the Minersville Area Jr/Sr. High School can now pick up tickets for this year’s Spring Prom. Tickets cost $50.00 each, and can be found in either Mrs. Motley’s or Mrs. Howells’ rooms. Where this year’s festivities diverge from the past is the location of the event. Traditionally, the Minersville spring formal has been held in a rented facility. This year, the prom will be held in the student parking lot. The deadline for ticket purchases are next Monday, the twelfth. Prom is tentatively expected to occur on the evening of Saturday, May 1st. Any student who wishes to purchase tickets for an outside guest must retrieve a “Dance Permission Form” from either Mrs. Motley or Mrs. Howells. This form must be signed by the guest’s respective school administrator, as well as their parents. This paper is expected to be filled out and returned to the high school office at least three days prior to the event.

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