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Flashback Fridays: January 1973

Protestors march in favor of legalizing abortion (Nov. 20th, 1971) 1973 U.S Supreme Court case, Roe v. Wade confirmed the right to a safe and legal abortions. The court ruled in a 7-2 decision and is now protected under the fourteenth amendment. The legal precedent for the decision was rooted in the 1965 case of... Continue Reading →

Miners Monthly Art! (January Edition)

Welcome back to yet another edition of the Miners Monthly Art column. As we reign in the New Year, we bask in the glory of Rachel Maurer's (Junior) fascinating drawing! This month's work is titled "Lighting the way." "Lighting the way" According to Maurer, this piece was made up of charcoal and graphite pencils. Contrasting... Continue Reading →

Flashback Fridays: January 1967

The first ever Superbowl was held on January 15th, 1967. This would be the first standoff between an NFL team and a team of the then-recently developed AFL. The Green Bay Packers, a once terrible team just nine seasons earlier, had turned their failure around. This was due part in the instructions of legendary coach,... Continue Reading →

Flashback Fridays: January 1993

Site of the $7.4 Million heist On January 5th, 1993, the fifth-largest robbery in United States history occurred at a Brinks armored car depot in Rochester, NY. The robbers stole nearly seven million in cash, which FBI Agent Van Harp describing as "weigh[ing] about one thousand pounds." The criminals burst into the facility at around... Continue Reading →

Flashback Fridays: December 2009

On this day, eleven years ago, James Cameron’s Avatar was released into theatres. Development of the film was lengthy and strenuous, with work on the project commencing as far back as 1994. Avatar was a technologically innovative film, breaking new ground with motion-capture technology. The film was universally praised for its technical effects, as well... Continue Reading →

Flashback Fridays: December 1981

Muhammad Ali’s last fight was the "Drama in the Bahamas." His opponent was Trever Berbick and despite pleas from fans and doctors to retire Ali decided to go on with it anyways. After losing ten rounds he had finally retired after absorbing 20,000 blows. People still today believe that this fight and the one prior... Continue Reading →

Flashback Fridays: December 2018

Vice-President Bush accepts his Republican nomination for President of the United States, August 18th, 1988 Two years ago, America was mourning the death of former President, George H.W. Bush. The president gave his life to public service, beginning in 1942, when he enlisted into the military as a naval aviator. During an attack on the... Continue Reading →

Spotlight On…

Name: Emily Williams Job Position: Transition Coordinator Favorite: Color- Purple School Lunch- Thanksgiving meal Holiday- Halloween/Christmas Musician- Chris Cornell How long have you been in Minersville? 11 Years Tell us something interesting about yourself/ What makes you different from everyone else? I love makeup and do it as a side job. What do you do... Continue Reading →

Miners’ Monthly Art! (December Edition)

As we approach the end of our year, the climate chills, the daylight dims, and the weather whitens. To celebrate this time of year, Eve Ryan (Junior) has presented her own interpretation of wintery wonder. This month's edition of the Miners' Monthly Art column is a piece entitled "Winter Sweater." "Winter Sweater." "Winter Sweater" is... Continue Reading →

Flashback Fridays: November 2011

(Early screenshot of Minecraft, circa 2011) November 18th, 2011 marked the official launch of Minecraft on iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac. The 3D sandbox remains as one of the most iconic videogames of the 21st century. The game boasts a multitude of activities including mining, farming, combat, fishing, and building. Minecraft is easily accessible to... Continue Reading →

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